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Re: [Serie A] MILAN 0-2 ATALANTA, Saturday 23/12/2017 @ 18:00 CET

24 Dec 2017, 10:17

Not surprised we lost, but the manner to a decent but not great Atalanta. What a waste the training retreat was. Not surprised. I'm pretty sure it's failed each time we've had them in the past.
Some points:

Kessie :I'm worried about the guy has had his head down for about 2 months. Problem is there's no one to replace/rest him.
No creativity: He wasn't everyone's favourite but I wonder what we would give for Honda ? But Montella treated him like shit and even preferred Ocampos over him.
Mirabelli: Well, he fucked up some ( not all ) of the transfer window. Your biggest mistake is who is currently in charge. At least he has the balls to say " blame me", still are he and Fassone Inter spies ?
Gattuso: 'I'm not Milan problem'. Sorry buddy but you are. I love this guy but what type of asshole takes over this club when he has ( and I'm pointing this out for the 10th time) an ABYSMAL past coaching record. He couldn't get things right at esteemed clubs like Pisa, Crete, Palermo or Sion but suddenly he's got what it takes to take over AC Milan ? I mean he can't even beat the bottom clubs or have a positive result in the EL ( yes we qualified but still ). Quit and go back to Primavera and learn more there.
The veterans: I know Mont has had some good form lately, but neither he nor Biglia should start now. Let's see what Locatelli can do for an extended run. Kalinic, enough said. Play Silva.Abate, sorry but you're finished. Borini tries but should be benched for Cutrone on the left and obviously Suso on the RW. Unless we go to Berlu's formation then have Silva and Cutrone with Suso behind.
Cristante : I've mentioned him a few times this season and well guess who was MotM ? Well done to the genius who sold him. Why not some loans ? Juve rarely do dumb things like that it seems.

On the up , at least 46K fans still turn up to try to support this circus.
Most are not ideal, but at least Mazzari, Mancini, Hiddink and even Capella and Lippi are available to maybe at least stop gap us. You know real coaches !?
At least even if a Lippi where to step in only until the end of the season , they will probably makes us look more attractive and get us up the ladder to the maybe have a shot at Sarri, Carlo, Conte etc.
As it stands right now we're either keeping Rino, rehiring Montella or looking for Brocchi.

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